READING PERIOD for each issue are as follows:

April 30 edition: January 1-March 31

August 31st edition: May 1- July 30

December 31st edition: September 1 – November 30.


We are now accepting original (unpublished) works of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, photography, and art. If you would like to submit something that does not fall into one of these categories, but you feel is right for this publication, pick the closest one and include a note explaining your artistic intent or contact us with more information. These guidelines are loose estimations for you to follow. More important is the integrity of the storytelling, regardless of the artistic format, word length, or genre.

Fiction: Fiction writers may submit up to two pieces. We prefer fiction submissions to be kept down to 8,000 words. Shorter works and flash fiction are welcome. Please double space and number pages.

Send each story in separate files. File name should follow this format: Fiction-Last Name-Title

Nonfiction: Nonfiction writers may submit up to two pieces, 5,000 words maximum per piece. For non-fiction, we are looking for interviews, personal essays, and creative or scholarly essays. If you would like to submit a query for a review or interview, please contact us at Please double space and number pages.

Send each piece in separate files. File name should follow this format: Nonfiction-Last Name-Title


Poets may submit up to five poems. 90 lines maximum. Free verse, formal verse, sonnet, sestina and anything in between … pick your five favorites and send them our way!

Send each poem in separate files. File name should follow this format: Poetry-Last Name-Title

Art/Photography: While art of all shapes, orientations, and aspect ratios will be considered, we encourage you to bear our specifications in mind when selecting images to submit.

Image resolution should be 300 dpi or greater. We reserve the right to crop, edit, or otherwise modify art submissions to meet our site’s specifications.

You may submit up to five pieces of artwork within a reading period. When submitting artwork, we request that you caption the artwork with a title, if available, and the medium in which you worked. We can only literally publish virtual art, that is, art that is transferable to an online format. If you wish to submit a painting or a sculpture, you are welcome to send a photo of the piece. Artful photographs are also welcome.


Please email all submissions as attachments to

Please use a subject line in this format: Genre/Last Name/Title.

Please include a short bio and contact information with your submissions in the body of the email.

The content for Lucid Eye Review is exclusively online. Lucid Eye Review claims first publishing rights, which revert back to the author upon publication. While we allow simultaneous submissions, please do notify us as soon as possible if your work becomes unavailable as we do not publish previously published work, whether that publication occurred online or in print.. If your work is selected by us, rights will revert to author after publication in Lucid Eye Review; subsequent publishers should credit us for first appearance.

Alternatively you may submit using the submishmash account below. Thanks so much!

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